We're Atom City Labs.

We Run the Sales Operations For Founder-Led Design and Technical Businesses.

Now, Founders are Free To Grow Their Companies.

What We Deliver:

We have two offers for our clients. They are:

The System: The Best Way To Win Profitable, Lifelong Clients.

When you own a business, you have an advantage. It's time to transfer that advantage, and enhance it with a proven, predictable sales process.

The System is both high-tech and high-touch.

A 100% done-for-you setup that you'll be able to use, adopt and roll with over the long haul.

The Solution: We Will Run Your Whole Sales Process

Imagine getting to work and having the sales done for you.  A pipeline of clients and a waiting list where you know exactly what and exactly when you'll be working.

That's The Service, a completely done for you, commission-based overhaul of technical service sales operations.  Everything from advanced CRM and Funnel Configuration to scripts is just handled. 

Here's What We Believe:

We put our cards on the table. We believe in build a chaos-free sane and stable business.  Here are our practices:

The Best Process Wins The Game In The Long Run

When you have a great sales process with great people to execute it, you usually win. Sometimes, you can stumble into good outcomes, but over the long haul a great process will beat a bad one.

An Expert Must Have Higher Standards Than Their Client

Clients hire us because we know what to do and how to do it. We can't rely on a client to do quality control.  We have to lead them and teach them, and deliver work with indisbutably high standards.

Continuous Improvement Is Table Stakes

Every job is an opportunity to get better. At the end of a job- even a successful one - we look for ways to improve, surprise and delight our customers.

Every Project Must Have Good Margins

Even a pilot or starter project must be profitable. Worth doing, and with good margins in place. You have to have enough time to do the work at the level that got you here.

Keeping Clients Is The Best Measure of A Healthy Business

If you're doing a good job, your clients always tell you by referring you or rehiring you. With enough effort, you can always get a new client to take a chance on you. You have to do a great job to keep them.

Transparency Builds Trust.
Trust makes business easier.

We show our work and we make sure all of our information finds the owners. This is transparency. And when you see what's happening, you can feel confident that everything is working great.

Whenever You Sell, You're Doing A Service

When you're selling a great product, you're serving someone. Sales should benefit your clients every time. When you are an excellent agency, you have a duty deliver your craft.

Businesses Should Prepare To Serve Their Clients For Life

It's not how many new, first time clients you win. It's how many clients buy from you for a lifetime. This is what makes profitable, enjoyable, stable businesses.  We hope that our clients work with us for the long haul.