Privacy Policy & GDPR Statement

Thanks for visiting.  We want to make our privacy policy clear:

  1. We’re not jerks. We want you to be in charge of what information we have.
  2. We are too proud to spam, and won’t share data with other similar companies.
  3. If you want to be deleted from our account? No big deal, we’ll support that decision and be sad to see you go.
  4. We use normal marketing tools to help the experience and ensure we can work with you. We think we’re doing a good job.
  5. We only want to market to people that want to hear from us. Period.

How We Collect Information:

We collect information via several methods:

  • Forms: There are forms on our site: when you put your information in one of our forms, we get the information
  • Cookies: These are used so you have a normal experience while browsing the web.
  • Location Information: We use location information so we can show you things that matter to your location.

We use this to make sure we deliver relevant info.  We don’t want to tell people in England about beach prices in Texas (unless that’s what they’re looking for).

How We Use And Secure Personal Info:

We follow “common sense” practices, including SSL and separate user sites to help you opt out.  Our site uses two-factor authentication and WordFence and other tools provide additional security.

We send emails. Every “mass” email has an unsubscribe link.

If you ask us to contact you, we’ll contact you.

The information you’ve given us will be used to do that.

If you ask us to forget you, we’ll forget you.  No problem.  It may take a little bit to update some tools, but we’ve got a process in place.

If we are required to retain information by government agencies, we’ll comply with their requests.

We secure all of our data via CRM tools and SSL encryption.  Some data is initially stored on our database before being passed on to other locations.

What Third Parties We Use:

Our CRM is ActiveCampaign, we use Kixie, Skype, Google Contacts and other tools to contact us.

We use Facebook ads and the Facebook Pixel to track our audience.

We have used Adroll, Google Ads, LinkedIn and Facebook ads in the past.

We don’t share the data knowingly with third parties that may contact you.

How Can I Control What Happens With My Data?

You can opt out of everything by clicking here and filling out our form, which will…opt you out.

That form collects data for the purpose of helping you opt out, and will be deleted within about 1 business day, or sooner.  This is currently manual.

Once you opt out, you’ll get an “opt out” confirmation that should opt you out of everything we send if the information you used matches.  We err on the side of “opting out,” so we know that people are interested in hearing from us.